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Dinosaur Museum, Esperaza

Even if you don’t have children, the Dinosaur museum in Esperaza is a total must-see place to visit.  Since the discovery of Eva (Europe largest dinosaur specimen) 14 years ago in neighbouring Campagne-sur-Aude, a lot of money has been invested in the museum and it now boasts the most comprehensive collection of dinosaur specimens outside of the Natural History Museum, London.
Le Musee des Dinosaures
At the Esperaza Dinosaur Museum, you won’t be jostling with coachloads of tourists to get up close and there is even a viewing window onto the laboratory where the scientists do their ongoing work.  What makes their archeological site so significant is that since the dig started 20 years ago they have discovered over 2,000 specimens and yet have only just started to scratch the surface.

To get to Dinosauria Museum, Esperaza drive into town, straight across the bridge and directly across the T-junction is the car park.

Le Musee des Dinosaures
Ave de la gare 11260 Espéraza,
Tel : 04 68 74 26 88 & 04 68 74 02 08

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