Le Carnotzet, Couiza

Le Carnotzet is a family business run with pride and delivers great food in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The place itself is a delightful surprise as you walk in off the road into a  beautifully carved high-ceilinged wood interior and out onto the spacious balcony overlooking the mountain forest weather permitting.  Similarly, the menu … Continue reading “Le Carnotzet, Couiza”

38th Annual Agricultural Fair, 24th and 25th October

The town of Espezel’s longstanding annual fair attracts over 50,000 visitors and is the Aude region’s largest gathering of food producers and people interested in good food and local farming ways.   Initially developed as the most important annual gathering of the farming industry in the region, where key livestock competitions are still very important attracting … Continue reading “38th Annual Agricultural Fair, 24th and 25th October”

Wild swimming

As well as heading to the coast, there are a number of lakes near us with beaches and watersports activities available.  Our favourites being the Gorges de Verdoubles, Lac Montbel, the Lac de Cavayere (pictured) just 5 minutes drive from Carcassonne city.    There is also a very popular man-made swimming lake with a separate fishing … Continue reading “Wild swimming”

Rennes le Chateau

Made internationally famous as the inspiration for Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code,  the hilltop village of Rennes le Chateau’s history is likely to be always shrouded in mystery –  the truth may just be stranger than the fiction!  Either the priest Sauniere engineered a brilliant pr stunt to bring in mysteriously large sums of money which went to decorate … Continue reading “Rennes le Chateau”