Rennes le Chateau

Made internationally famous as the inspiration for Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code,  the hilltop village of Rennes le Chateau’s history is likely to be always shrouded in mystery –  the truth may just be stranger than the fiction!  Either the priest Sauniere engineered a brilliant pr stunt to bring in mysteriously large sums of money which went to decorate … Continue reading “Rennes le Chateau”

Dinosaur Museum, Esperaza

Even if you don’t have children, the Dinosaur museum in Esperaza is a total must-see place to visit.  Since the discovery of Eva (Europe largest dinosaur specimen) 14 years ago in neighbouring Campagne-sur-Aude, a lot of money has been invested in the museum and it now boasts the most comprehensive collection of dinosaur specimens outside of the Natural History Museum, … Continue reading “Dinosaur Museum, Esperaza”


We are right in the heart of Cathar country, an incredibly violent but interesting time in French history where big battles were fought between the Catholics and mysterious Cathars, the remnants of which are a number of 20 amazing castles and abbeys that have been used as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters and they themselves … Continue reading “Castles”