Rennes le Chateau

Made internationally famous as the inspiration for Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code,  the hilltop village of Rennes le Chateau’s history is likely to be always shrouded in mystery –  the truth may just be stranger than the fiction!  Either the priest Sauniere engineered a brilliant pr stunt to bring in mysteriously large sums of money which went to decorate … Continue reading “Rennes le Chateau”

Dinosaur Museum, Esperaza

Even if you don’t have children, the Dinosaur museum in Esperaza is a total must-see place to visit.  Since the discovery of Eva (Europe largest dinosaur specimen) 14 years ago in neighbouring Campagne-sur-Aude, a lot of money has been invested in the museum and it now boasts the most comprehensive collection of dinosaur specimens outside of the Natural History Museum, … Continue reading “Dinosaur Museum, Esperaza”

Wine country

The Languedoc region is France’s largest exporter of wines and has an increasingly good reputation for superior wines as well as the much celebrated local sparkling BlanquetteWe are in the heart of wine country.Drive towards the coast and you pass through wine country all the way from ours to the sea.There are many cellars at Maury to stop at and when … Continue reading “Wine country”


The Pyrenean resorts are much more family-orientated and the average skier here tends to be less sophisticated or well practised than in the Alps.  This make for a more relaxed, unpretentious and much less costly experience. Typically the ski season begins in November and finishes in March/April time Here are the 5 main resorts easily reachable … Continue reading “Skiing”


The total silence is the thing you notice most when you first take to the skies to go gliding.   Here the backdrop is truly spectacular as you rise above the plateau over Puivert castle and lake, taking in sights such as Bugarach mountain over 40 kilometres away

La Galerie, Quillan

La Galerie consistently delivers the best meal in town. The menu is typically French catalan (great fish dishes and steaks). They also have a separate pizza menu, also very good, for the less adventurous. A family-run business yet very professional and there is always a good atmosphere here. In the summer you can dine outside enjoying the … Continue reading “La Galerie, Quillan”

The Seaside

“Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside I do like to be beside the sea!” And if you do, you will be pleased to know we are only 70 minutes away from the Mediterranean. Go North of Perpignan to discover La Francqui Plage, (famous for the world kite-surfing championships), the miles of white … Continue reading “The Seaside”


The Aude is categorised as a 1st class river (famous for its  brown trout  depicted on the roundabout on the way into Quillan). Permits can be obtained at the tourist office and many spots don’t require one.  Other good spots include the lakes at Cavayère and Montbel, Laprade, Le Lampy, Cennes-Monestiers, Arques, Jouarres, Régembert, La Gangues and … Continue reading “Fishing”