Horse Riding

The horses of this region are beautiful creatures and there is ample opportunity for beginners and experts to go on riding trails through our dramatic landscape. Our nearest stables is only 4km away and they have a number of different horses catering for all abilities and the owner is French American so fluent in both French … Continue reading “Horse Riding”


We are right in the heart of Cathar country, an incredibly violent but interesting time in French history where big battles were fought between the Catholics and mysterious Cathars, the remnants of which are a number of 20 amazing castles and abbeys that have been used as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters and they themselves … Continue reading “Castles”

White-water rafting

Our district, named after the river Aude, is famous for all sorts of water sports, none more thrilling than white-water rafting and canyoning. The nearest organisers to us offers also one of the most interesting and dramatic white-water rafting experience though the Gorge de Pierre Lys .  The staff are all very experienced, friendly and know that … Continue reading “White-water rafting”


Since Pre-Roman times there has been a fortified settlement at Carcassonne. Nowadays you will find one of the most outstanding example of a medieval walled city in the world, which is visited by over 2 million people a year and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. As well as exploring the ramparts and getting … Continue reading “Carcassonne”