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Wine country

The Languedoc region is France’s largest exporter of wines and has an increasingly good reputation for superior wines as well as the much celebrated local sparkling BlanquetteWe are in the heart of wine country.Drive towards the coast and you pass through wine country all the way from ours to the sea.There are many cellars at Maury to stop at and when you reach the coast you will be in the Fitou wine district to the North and Banyuls to the South.Drive North from us and you pass through Blanquette territory and a number of domaines up to Carcassonne and then from Carcassonne you can continue east into Minervois country.In Couiza, you can visit the Ann de Joyeuse vineyard’s shop to stock up on plenty of fine vintages at good prices – extremely popular with the locals. Our favourite wine growers are Sieur d’Arques, Mas Amiel, Domaine Mayrac and Ann de Joyeuse. There are literally 100s of wine tours you can take across the region. Here are a couple near us that are well recommended:-

Maison Guinot (if you like bubbles, it is a must!)

Cocoa and Grapes, Carcassonne

More bubbles!